Consul-template and Citrix Netscaler

Consul-template (consul-template) is a tool that can drive reconfiguration of applications and infrastructure in response to changes in the keys/values stored in Consul. Usually it is used to populate changes into a local file in the filesystem. Following the change, the application or infrastructure software is usually restarted.

Previously I’d written up integrations between container managers such as Kubernetes and Netscaler. It was a relatively simple matter to include support for consul-template with a slight tweak. Netscaler only supports a REST-based configuration API (“Nitro“), so populating a config file on Netscaler was not going to do the job. The solution was simple: write a JSON file using consul-template and then ask consul-template to execute a python script to convert the JSON to Nitro API calls.


consul-template -consul $CONSUL_IP:8500 -template consul_single_svc.ctmpl:cfg.json:"python --cfg-file cfg.json

Here cfg.json is the intermediate JSON file produced by consul-template.

You can get the code here


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