Conference Highlights of 2012

2012 was a conference-filled year for me. I presented or exhibited in 10 conferences and attended 3 more. I have never spoken publicly so extensively before: here’s a recap.

Open Networking Summit April 2012, Santa Clara, CA

CloudStack has a built-in controller that controls setup and tear-down of GRE tunnels in response to VM provisioning events. We demo’ed this feature at the conference to great interest. The feature spec (for those inclined to code) is here

CloudStack Developer Bootcamp, May 2012, Santa Clara, CA

In April 2012, Citrix donated the CloudStack codebase to the Apache Software Foundation. To introduce developers and build a community, Citrix sponsored a developer bootcamp at their Santa Clara office. As one of the architects, I introduced CloudStack architecture and networking concepts in CloudStack.

Citrix Synergy May 2012, San Francisco, CA

This was a first for me as a Citrix Employee. There was a last minute scramble to demo the HDFS integration into CloudStack, but it didn’t happen.

Carrier Cloud Summit June 2012, Paris

I was invited to speak on scalable networking and I prepared this talk on the scalability challenges in CloudStack networking. The talk was titled Making a million firewalls sing. It was well received.

Hadoop Summit June 2012, San Jose, CA

I merely attended this to get a good grasp of Hadoop, HDFS in particular. I attended several talks around scaling HDFS and making it reliable.

OSCON July 2012, Portland, OR

I presented a tutorial on Hacking on Apache CloudStack. I can’t say it was a great success since several audience members could not get their DevCloud appliances to start (and I had some problems too) due to variances in virtual box dependencies. DevCloud is much improved now thanks to efforts by the community

Cloudcon Expo and Conference Oct 2012, San Francisco, CA

As part of the Build-a-Cloud-Day, I presented a talk on CloudStack networking concepts.

Cloud Tech III Oct 2012, Mountain View, CA

I presented a talk on the Evolution of CloudStack Architecture chronicling the journey from 5-person startup to a force-to-reckon-with. Cloud Tech III had some great speakers from Google and a great insights from Andy Bechtolsteim.

Ricon Oct 2012, San Francisco, CA

I presented a lightning talk on how Basho’s Riak CS is integrated into Apache CloudStack. Riak CS is an S3 clone.

Citrix Synergy Oct 2012, Barcelona

As part of the CTO super-session that involved the Citrix and Cisco CTOs, I demo’ed CloudStack’s advanced network automation.

AWS re:Invent Nov 2012, Las Vegas, NV

Great keynotes and insights. I especially enjoyed James Hamilton’s talk on Building Web-Scale Applications with AWS.

CloudStack Collab Nov 2012, Las Vegas, NV

I reprised my talk on the Evolution of CloudStack Architecture and continued the theme by talking about the Future of Apache CloudStack.

Usenix LISA Dec 2012, San Diego CA

I presented a 3-hour tutorial Networking in the Cloud Age for cloud operators.


I hope to present at more conferences next year. I have 2 talks lined up for ApacheCon in Portland for February 2012


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