7 good reasons to open source your code

Open source software — software that is free to the user and whose source code can be modified and distributed freely — is ubiquitous and offers solutions to a wide range of needs. Open source as a business strategy is a complex mix of product, marketing, politics, and sales strategies. And, as a personal endeavor, open source can achieve […]

The Elephant in the Giraffe House

Photo by Julian Link on Unsplash The Elephant in the Giraffe House I listen to podcasts on my commute, and the a16z podcast never disappoints. On the episode “On Mentors and Mentees”, the guest Ken Coleman narrated an interesting fable that got me thinking. To paraphrase: It was raining heavily but the Giraffe’s in the Giraffe […]

A (round)trip with Java and Go

Can you generate Go code from a Java binary jar? This need arose from writing a prototype Ingress Controller  for Kubernetes that uses a NetScaler to provide the Ingress function. Another need was a Terraform driver for NetScaler. (While the NetScaler Ingress controller didn’t need a Golang client, it is customary to write Kubernetes integrations using Go). NITRO is the REST API to program the Citrix NetScaler load […]

Consul-template and Citrix Netscaler

Consul-template (consul-template) is a tool that can drive reconfiguration of applications and infrastructure in response to changes in the keys/values stored in Consul. Usually it is used to populate changes into a local file in the filesystem. Following the change, the application or infrastructure software is usually restarted. Previously I’d written up integrations between container […]